Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jaq Belcher: Paper Meditations

My works are created using a single sheet of paper, a pencil and an Exacto knife.

Through this work I explore aspects of consciousness and alternative states of being. The focus is on the process of reduction and repetition, and derives from musings on the manipulation of matter. This practice allows and requires stillness. The process hones concentration and therefore the power of the mind through focus.

The exploration of these ideas began taking a visual direction as I was pondering the beauty of a single expanse of white paper. How can one enhance such a simple and beautiful void? And so the process of reduction was born with the resulting works being quietly patterned and complex. They are, a proclamation if you will, to the power of silence, and testify to the practice of 'being' in the moment and completely 'present'.

 The work is created in, and intended for natural light, which allows the spectrum of white light to be visible through reflection and angles of the paper. The pieces draw on the presence of the viewer and the inner self that stands before each piece. I am inspired by a wide pool of references, from eastern and western meditation  practices, inner alchemy, esoteric philosphy and the study of sacred geometry.

Artwork and statement by Jaq Belcher

Jaq Belcher, Access Point, 2012, Hand cut paper, 5,071 cuts 
Jaq Belcher, Access Point, 2012, (detail)
Jaq Belcher, Form is Empty, 2011, Hand cut paper, 5,823 cuts

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